Krav Maga Classes | Kombat Arts Mississauga


Kombat Arts Mississauga is proud to introduce it’s newest martial arts program: Krav Maga

Krav Maga’s literal translation means “close combat” or “contact combat.”

It is a reality based self defence system that teaches the student striking, basic grappling, defence against weapons and defence against multiple attackers.

The goal is to train the student to use enough force to escape from their attacker.  Not to stay and make the confrontation like a Boxing match; going back and forth exchanging blows.  The main goal is to escape from the attacker.

Krav Maga covers many technical skills.  It too has striking and grappling techniques, and is well known for its stress drills to simulate self defence situations, which will definitely get you in great shape.

Some of the classes will be very technical (weapon defence), but just like our Jeet Kune Do class, it is important to be in great shape.  So you will find a nice balance between technical martial arts skills and conditioning / stress classes in our Krav Maga classes.

What makes Krav Maga unique are the principles:

  • Try to Avoid Physical Confrontation: Like in most martial arts, the students are taught to avoid confrontation if possible. Physical violence should be the last option, but be ready if it is unavoidable.
  • Finish The Fight Quickly: When physical violence is unavoidable, you must finish the fight quickly. The students are taught to aim for ending a fight as quick as possible. The reason for this is the longer the fight goes, the higher risk you are of being seriously hurt or killed.
  • Keep Attacking Until Completely Immobilized: This is an important principle taught within Krav Maga. You must keep attacking an opponent until they are completely immobilized. This is because an opponent that isn’t incapacitated can still attack and injure you.
  • Develop Physical Aggression: Physical aggression is much different than fighting with emotional aggression or anger. Physical aggression is the most important component of a fight. You must throw every attack with bad intent or you’re leaving yourself open to be seriously hurt by your opponent.
  • Immediate Defense and Counter:  In a fight, you have to act fast and only have fractions of a second to do so. Every second counts in a fight. Krav Maga teaches students that they must immediately counter an attack after defending. 
  • No Hesitation: You can never hesitate in a physical altercation. A fight on the streets is a matter of life or death and hesitation can cost you your life. This is why one of the main principles of Krav is to finish the fight quickly.
  • Attack Preemptively: When you know someone wants to do you harm it is okay to strike preemptively. When an altercation is unavoidable, Krav Maga teaches students to subdue attackers before harm is done to them. Generally counter attacks are the preferred attack, but preemptive strikes are okay depending on the situation.
  • Use Simple And Repetitive Attacks: The attacks in Krav Maga to be simple movements, because simple movements are the best movements. Students are taught to use simple attacks and repeat the movements until an attacker is subdued.
  • Target Vulnerable Parts Of The Body: In a real fight, there are no rules and you must do anything you can to survive. Krav Maga teaches students to aim for the most vulnerable parts of the human body. Eyes, throat, groin, abdomen, fingers, toes, solar plexus, knees, etc.
  • Situational Awareness: the students are taught to be aware of their surroundings at all times. You must have situational awareness of where you are and how many attackers you’re up against
  • Use Any Near Objects: This principle goes along with situational awareness. Depending on the situation, a student may need a weapon. Be aware of everything around you and if there is something you can use as a weapon use it.
  • Respond Under Stress: This may be one of the most important principles taught in Krav Maga. Learning to respond and act under stress is vital to protecting your safety.

This is a popular class with students because:

  • This martial arts class is a great workout.
  • The student will learn how to defend themselves while under stress.
  • Even though Krav Maga has techniques, the beauty is learning the concepts, which can be applied to every situation.
  • This martial arts is a great blend of striking, clinching and grappling.
  • The system has techniques and tactics to defend against weapons and multiple opponents.