Muay Thai Classes | Kombat Arts Mississauga


Kombat Arts has been sharing the martial art of Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) with the Mississauga community for over 20 years.

With techniques including kicks, punches and the extensive use of knees and elbows, Muay Thai is often referred to as the Science of 8 Limbs.

It is widely regarded as the most effective form of overall striking. The martial art emphasizes strikes that are both swift and powerful, and Muay Thai athletes are known for being able to deliver cripplingly strong blows at lightning speed.

Of course, all of this speed and power requires a lot of energy to produce. That’s why training in Muay Thai burns, on average, about 690 calories per hour.

It is an effective and brutal martial art originally from Thailand.

Muay Thai teaches you to be very resilient and tough.  It is a very aggressive fighting style that is able to flow smoothly between the kicking, punching and clinching range.  The clinch (close quarter) range in Muay Thai is very formidable, allowing you to control, strike and sweep your attacker.

In our program, we actually have an evaluation system that we use to organize our students into classes that are suited for their skill level or goals.

We have Beginner, Intermediate / Advance and Fighter classes for our students.

Interested in competing?  Once you show that you are consistently going to classes, pass our evaluation and show a keen interest in competing, you are invited to our Fighters classes. 

This is what our students love about our Muay Thai classes:

  • A great physical workout and has been known to burn A LOT of calories in one session.
  • Perfect for stress release; nothing better than punching bags and pads to blow off some steam!
  • A very good form of self defense; almost all the components needed for a complete self defense system.
  • A martial art that will not only improve your overall fitness and athletic ability, but will also introduce you to the culture of Thailand.

We also have Muay Thai classes for Teens.