Muay Thai


Muay Thai or Thai Boxing that is widely regarded as the most effective form of overall striking. It has also gained a lot of recognition as a means of complete body fitness.

With techniques including kicks, punches and the extensive use of knees and elbows, Muay Thai is often referred to as the Science of 8 Limbs. It is an effective and brutal martial art originally from Thailand.

This is what our students love about Muay Thai:

  • A great physical workout and has been known to burn A LOT of calories in one session.
  • Perfect for stress release; nothing better than punching bags and pads to blow off some steam!
  • A very good form of self defense; almost has all the components needed for a complete self defense system.
  • A martial art that will not only improve your overall fitness and athletic ability, but will also introduce you to the finer points of Thailand's culture.

Our classes are divided by experience levels, and we also have a Teen and a Women's class.

Teen Muay Thai

With our Teen Muay Thai program, we will be putting our instructors' expertise and experience to work, helping your teen reach their personal best. The martial arts is a workout with a purpose, and has the power to transform lives. We believe that consistent martial arts practice is by far one of the best after-school activities you can offer a teen. Some of the benefits our program can offer:

  • A healthy mind and body with more energy
  • Discipline, dedication and mental toughness
  • Improved confidence and assertiveness
  • Better focus, concentration and goal-setting skills
  • Practical self-defense techniques
  • Development into a positive role model
  • Respect, modesty, courtesy, patience and self-control
  • Anti-bullying awareness
  • Positive peer support

Our classes are taught in a SAFE, FUN and EXCITING SOCIAL environment by accomplished instructors who pride themselves on a positive atmosphere where school life is reinforced and homework is encouraged.

The discipline and goal-setting skills learned through our program can carry over into a teen's academic life and extracurricular activities. We are very proud of the positive Team Kombat culture we have cultivated and we look forward to helping your teen achieve his/her goals.