Strength and Konditioning


The Konditioning Class at Kombat Arts is geared towards building your strength both mentally and physically. The people that participate in this class range from men and women who want to get generally fit, to athletes that need to improve their conditioning for a fight. This class will kick your butt, but you will love the results.

This class involves a lot of a lot of functional strength training. Every class is a little different, but the concept is to strengthen and condition your body, using your own body weight, as well as other strengthening weights and tools. (i.e. various styles of push ups, chin ups, abs, squats, medicine ball, tires, sleds, TRX, kettlebells, etc.)

This is one of our most popular classes for the following reasons:

  • There is constant coaching. The coaches are there to motivate and educate you. You won't find that at a large commercial fitness gym. At those types of gyms you are only renting the use of the equipment; instruction and motivation comes at an extra cost. This is not the case with our Konditioning Coaches.
  • We show you how to do more and accomplish more with less. We do not use fancy equipment in our facility. We use very basic innovative functional tools. We learn how to more our bodies (push ups, squats, core work, jump work, speed, agility exercises etc.) versus locking yourself in a machine.
  • When the weather is good, the whole Kombat Team goes outdoors to train. Get in shape, work your tan and train with other motivated positive people.