Close Call

On Tuesday we all sort of split up, so I was left to my own devices, which in all sincerity is not a good idea.  So after completing my normal routine, I got a quick massage and again jumped on a motorcycle to make my way to MBK for some business.

I lost track of time and realized that I had to shoot back to help Mehdi train.  I was going to be late so again I jumped on a motorcycle.  It is so exhilarating to weave in and out of traffic, accelerating to smash through intersections, and sucking in diesel fumes.  Ok maybe that last point is not cool. Anyway we were weaving in and out of traffic and a pick up truck blindly switch lanes.  At the last minute the driver recognized his error and switched back, but he still clipped my shoulder with his side view mirror., torquing me hard in my seat.   This was followed by a litany of curses from my driver.  But I was ok, as long as my Oakleys and Maxpedition bag was still with me :).  But it pays to have a good core, otherwise it could have been worse getting torqued like that in my seat.  However I really enjoy the motorbike, so I will still keep using it.

Dinner was amusing.  I had Persian food, in Thailand 🙂  Tomorrow will be cool as I booked in some time with a private coach to work some clinch.  This will be painful 🙂  Here is another video for you guys, please enjoy, Jd