Congrats to all these Losers!

Congrats to all these Losers!

Congrats to all these Losers!

So as you know, the KOMBAT ARTS has now added Nutrition Coaching to our pretty extensive services. In a few months we have had some great results! ALL of our clients have lost on average, 2% body fat and anywhere from 7-15 pounds! So congrats to all these “LOSERS!” Great work guys! KOMBAT ARTS is proud of you!

What’s the best thing about how these guys lost their weight and reduced their body fat?

They did it safely, no crazy supplementation, no calorie counting and no training crazy long hours! All of it is sustainable and realistic!

Our students concentrated on meal timing, used a simple system to control their portions, educated themselves on the proper food types, planned their meals and prepared for anything that went wrong, and were held accountable!

Check out Michael Cuba here: Mike has just started training with KOMBAT ARTS, and by sticking with his strategy, and training approximately 3-5 days a week in Muay Thai, boxing and strength training, he has lowered his body fat by 4.2% and lost 15lbs in 2 months!

And by Mike’s own admission, he’s not a fancy sophisticated cook! He just tried his best and adhered with the plan. These results are attainable by you, as long as you allow us to help you stick with the strategy. For more information on how to improve your nutrition and to measure your body fat, please fill in this form:

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