Congrats Miquel Oliveira!


Awesome work Miquel Oliveira! In the first pik Miguel weighed in at 194lbs. He was doing about 4 classes per week at the Komat Arts, but was not losing the weight fast enough. So he decided to see a nutritionist, get a program, started counting calories, and also figured out how much fat and protein to consume a day to reach his intended goal. In the second pik, he is 176lbs…18 lbs lost!

A lot of people train hard, but they lose the battle in the kitchen. I also know a lot of people who eat pretty well, but do not train correctly or with INTENSITY. You need 100% Nutrition and 100% Training.

Get the proper facts about nutrition. It doesn’t matter how hard you train or where you train. Nutrition is the key. Check out our Nutrition workshop on Jan 25 with Gaetan Boutin from Strong Athlete. Go HERE for more info.

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