Congrats New Muay Thai Graduates!

Hey guys this is not a complete list.  I’m still compiling the list of those that completed the Green Phase Test.  Please be patient.  It should be updated tonight or by tomorrow.  Promise.

Congrats for the following for getting their Green Advance:

Ryan Magee

Green Level:

Matthew Damiani, Derrick Garcia, Rob Molella, Jessica Nenhe, Lorenzo Rosas, Kevin Kekus, Jeff Hickey, Kevin Ho, Ron Poisson, Daniel Milotic, Jason Cohen, Jun Wakabayshi, Haris Kucukovic, Adis Kucukovic, Moore Kim and Adrian Altamirand.

Again this list is not complete, so please check back later today or tomorrow.  If you do not see your name on this list, please see me ASAP-Kru Joey de Los Reyes