Congrats to David Edwards on achieving his “Kru” ranking

Kombat’s David Edwards was recently awarded “Kru” status, officially recognized by the World Muay Thai Federation, from Kru Mehdi Pouroskoui of KB-ONE in Vancouver. This is a major milestone in Kru David’s martial journey, so congratulations and much respect goes out to him on behalf of Team Kombat and all of his students.

Let’s hear from Kru Joey:

Congratulations to David Edwards. David has been a solid pillar from the early beginnings of Kombat Arts to now. There is no question as to his loyalty to the martial arts and his dedication to his students. He has trained in many disciplines, and has worked in the stand up martial arts with Rafael Degado, Mehdi Pouroskoui and myself.

I am happy to consider David my student and good friend. As such, I am extremely happy to award David his Kru ranking, as certified under Mehdi Pouroskoui. Congrats, David. May you always love the martial arts and pass on that great feeling of being in the martial arts, and experiencing all that they have to offer, to your students.

-Kru Joey de Los Reyes

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