Congrats to Mississauga Kombat BJJ Athletes

nova_uniao_logo Scott Lewis and Frank Marquez did a great job with our BJJ athetes at the 1st Copa Ontario Jiu Jitsu Tournament! 

Here are the results:

Adult Heavy White 3 Mike Marshall 3rd place

Adult Heavy Blue 2 Peter Constantine -2nd place

Adult Light Purple 1 Frank Marquez -1st place

Adult Light White- Josh Zuherman-1st Place

Adult Middle White-Lukasz Mogielnicki-3rd place

Adult Rooster White-Roland Evidente-1st place

Adult Blue- Ultra Heavy-Daniel Vigna-3rd place

Juvenile Med-Heavy -Nicolas Allen-2nd Place

Juvenile Special Div-Michael Gouge- 2nd Place

Again great work guys.  It seems that Kombat Arts is doing very well on the boxing, Thai boxing, BJJ and MMA front.  I would like to thank all of the coaches for their hard work and dedication, Jd