Congratulations Muay Thai Students!

Congratulations Muay Thai Students!

The Kombat Arts Training Academy would like to congratulate the following Muay Thai Students who tested and successfully reached the next level in their training.

Teen Muay Thai

Tested on February 28th. 2016


Seymour Bravo

Lexy Dixon

Paulina Perronne

Jasmine Manebo

Soraya Bravo

Tavish Cowton

Meagen Moudry


Muay Thai

Tested on February 27th. 2016
Robert Murray

Stephen Tihal

Jeoffrey Francisco

Amrit Bajna

Adam Manauf

Marcus Radosevic

Josip Vujica

James Ritchie

Thao Nguyen
John Hasted
Amanjot Mann
Matthew Atkinson
2016-02-27 13.41.48

Advanced Green:

Tested on February 27th. 2016

Kristen Sanhueza

Jacob Townsend

Tested on March 5th, 2016 
Nowell DuPont
Vanessa de Belen
Justin Ramlochan
Mark Barber
Ronald Poisson
Caroline Carty
2016-03-05 14.25.30

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