Congratulations to all Kombat Classic 2011 participants

The 2011 Kombat Classic BJJ tournament was a great success — big thanks to everyone who came out to participate, all the teams and coaches, the spectators, Turner Fenton Secondary School, and also to Scott Lewis and everyone who helped put this event together.

Our Kombat athletes trained hard and put on a great showing. Congrats to everyone on their performances and to Peter Constantine, who received his well-deserved purple belt on the podium. We didn’t have the largest of teams but nonetheless placed 2nd in the overall team standings.

Thanks to Shaady for helping tally our results. Apologies if we missed anyone — leave us a comment and we’ll add you to the list.

Peter Constantine – Gold Blue belt 207.5 Superfight
Chad Shaule – Gold Blue belt 181
Jason Palmer – Gold Blue belt 221
Shawn Kent – Gold White belt Over 221
Vijay Hemanchal – Silver White belt Over 221
Shawn Wilson – Silver Blue belt 207.5
Shaady Tadros – Silver White belt 207.5
Mehrdad Derayeh – Masters Bronze White 167.5

*Edit: Andy Ssutu also placed 2nd at 149

Some pics below:

To see the full photo album, visit the Kombat Facebook Group. Great job, everyone!

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