Countdown to Inosanto: Black Belt interview, 1995

More classic Dan Inosanto, this time from a 1995 exclusive interview with Black Belt magazine. Guro/Sifu Inosanto talks about his time training under Sigung Bruce Lee, how Lee developed Jeet Kune Do, how his classes were structured, and much more.

In this interesting excerpt, Guro Inosanto talks about how his athletic background influenced the type of training equipment Lee used:

Because of my track-and-field background, I introduced him to running shoes. Before that, he used to wear these desert boots. Using running shoes was quite new at the time. The only people who wore those kind of gym shoes or sneakers during that period were track-and-field people. Another thing I introduced to him was the foam kicking shield, because we used it in football.

Later he touches on Jeet Kune Do’s practicality and lack of mysticism:

You definitely have to put in the [training] time, but if you are gifted and talented, it takes less time [to become skilled]. But the way jeet kune do is structured, there is something in it that everybody can do. The majority of things taught in JKD are relatively easy. Jeet kune do can be practiced by a person who doesn’t have the best inherent skills, and it can be practiced by an individual who is very talented…

READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE. (Note: After you reach page 48, you’ll have to jump to page 140.)

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