Day #4 of Mehdi’s Training


Day 4.  Man is my shoulders and elbows feeling it!  Got in today, later in the day and Mehdi decided to do a light day. Mehdi is close to his match (Dec 4) and is still trying to organize his flights to Thailand, due to their internal chaotic state.  So we settled on 5 rounds, 3 minutes in length with a 45 sec/1 minute rest of boxing and elbows on focus pads.  It was a nice easy workout (for both of us 🙂 )  Mehdi looks more than ready, and we hope that he makes it for his Thai boxing match. Also tonight Mehdi was featured on CTV, locally for Vancouver.  So if anyone finds this clip, please let me know.   I will be leaving here Friday morning, so I hope to see some of you Friday afternoon/night-Jd