A Different Coach for Different Folk

A Different Coach for Different Folk

When people go to the gym, they do so for a multitude of reasons. To get healthier, to lose weight, to gain muscle, to learn a sport, to compete. They decide to stay for even more reasons, success in their goals, or a pleasant training atmosphere.  One of the most deciding factors on what will make a client or student come back for more or send them running to the sofa with a bag of Doritos is the Coach. Or more specifically, the TYPE of coaching they receive. Much like a Doctor’s bedside manner, a coach’s training methods can bring out the lion or the lamb in their client.

Some people need the Cheerleader Coach.  Someone who talks at you, claps for you, tells you what you want to hear, and is just happy you showed up again. They aren’t concerned about planning the proper workout for your goals, can’t or don’t explain the techniques and what their benefits are. They are just there to cheer you on as you complete your randomly assigned movements for the day. And you don’t care that you aren’t progressing, because your self-esteem is through the roof, you lost a pound on the scale. Go you!

On the flipside, there is the Drill Sergeant Coach.  This is the type who yells, screams, and belittles you. He wants to break your spirit, your body, and your bank account. An exercise sadist, he will purposely choose exercises that are way above your level of fitness just to watch you fail. Sadly, you won’t stick around long enough to be built back up by this guy, and he’s already cashed your prepayment check.

The Philosopher Coach is a strange archetype, he enjoys going on and on about his exercise theology, his theories, and how much wisdom he has. He knows all the buzzwords, and isn’t afraid to pepper you with dramatic pauses and copious amounts of 10 dollar words. They are on a power trip with illusions of grandeur and you are more or less paying to listen to them pat themselves on the back.

The Bro-Scientist Coach is a YouTube educated, exercise message board version of the Philosopher Coach. He once took a weekend certification online course;  and is there to dispense his training methodology through anabolic anecdotes and warn you about the dangers of squatting too low ( knee snap city dude!) He can usually be found curling in the squat rack in his spare time.

I can go on and on about all these different types of Coaches, for there are as many of them as there are different types of clients. And I’m sure that there are a lot of stereotypes and variations that could be listed about them as well.

The point of all this is, what actually makes a good Coach?

It is the opinion of this writer, that a good coach actually cares about their clients. They have a clear vision for them and implements the proper game plan and training program to reach goals and then beyond. They want you to get better. They will push you when you need pushing, they will reel you in when you are going beyond your abilities, they will cheer for you when you succeed and they will chastise you when you give up on yourself to easily. They will educate themselves to make themselves better.  They will inspire you to give your all each and every time. Because they do, each and every time. They are never above you; they are behind and beside you.


A good gym has good Coaches. A GREAT gym has a group of the best family members who happen to be great Coaches. Whether you call them Kru, Professor, Sifu, Sensei, or Coach, Kombat has a family of great people who help great people do great things. That is why I came here. That is why I am still here. That is why I will always be here.

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