• Are you tired of wasting time thinking of new martial arts and conditioning drills to work on?
  • Do you train outside of regular class times and need drills to help you?
  • Are you looking for a progressive way to improve your skills?

What if there was ONE TRUSTED RESOURCE that you can readily access some Killer Drills that will improve your game?

I have the solution for you! I am happy to announce that I have released our first of many eBooks on some great drills and conditioning exercises that we do at KOMBAT ARTS.

I have been working on a book of Boxing, Jeet Kune Do Kickboxing, Muay Thai and conditioning drills with some videos that we use in our classes.

It also contains some of the killer drills that we use as workouts or “finishers” in our classes. Like the “Famous California Drill,” “Minnesota Shuffle,” “Push Ups from Hell,” and the “Swings and Sprints” program.

So if you have that desire to get better, and you want to get that extra edge then you need to check out this book.

Drillers for killers is one of the most useful and informative ebooks I have purchased to date.  I have the privilege of training under Joey De Los Reyes, but for those who have not this is an opportunity to see why he is one of the most successful instructors in his field.

Regardless if you a fighter looking for technical material, or exercises to help get in shape or even an Instructor looking for some fresh ideas Drillers for killers is a recipe for success.
I recommend this ebook to anyone looking for some quality material, it’s well worth the cost.”

Sifu Mark. Medeiros Head Instructor/ owner of
JKD Combative Sciences

“Hello Athletes and Coaches,
My name is Kru David Edwards.  I teach and train athletes out of the Kombat Arts Training Academy, I also am blessed to run my Bully Be Gone program out of the same Academy. One of the benefits of having this ebook in my library is that I have access to all my favorite drills I grew up on. I am able to not only provide quality professional and amateur drills that lead to success, but also share experiences that I have gone through or witnessed with past and future champions who took the opportunity to learn from this ebook.
TO BE TOTALLY FRANK. The only resource better then the ebook is to actually book private lessons with the author himself and experience the difference. I DavidBBG fully support this ebook and proudly use it for martial and leadership purposes. Thank you Joey De Los Reyes.


David BBG | Founder of Bully Be Gone | Bullybegone.ca

You will get…

  • Video footage to save you from guessing what the drills are all about and to make sure you accurately train the techniques
  • Martial Arts conditioning drills so you can develop those specific physical and mental tools (strength, endurance, toughness etc.) needed for your training and sparring
  • Various fat burning Konditioning drills that can be used to finish you off after training or as a standalone workout
  • Progressive drills from Boxing, Muay Thai and Jeet Kune Do laid out for you so you don’t waste time trying to figure out what to train

This eBook will be emailed to you once you have made your purchase.  A 50 page book containing tons of drills from Boxing, Muay Thai and Jeet Kune Do and a bunch of Konditioning routines, all to improve your game.  I am selling this eBook for $30.00, but for a limited time, we are discounting it to $14.99, a 50% (actually more) DISCOUNT!

BONUS MATERIAL (Valued at $60):  I have also thrown in some bonus instructional video footage from our seminars on how to SAFELY and PROGRESSIVELY do Partner Drills and Spar with your team mates.

You will have access to 25+ Instructional videos from our seminars outlining different Partner Drills and a progressive system to safely Spar with your team mates.

You might want to actually try and apply some of the drills that you have “mastered” in this book.  We will show you how to safely drill them with a partner and the next level…get in the ring and experiment with them!

So what are you waiting for?!  Take advantage of the discounted price and the BONUS material and click below to purchase your copy of “Drillers are Killers” today!

Joey de Los Reyes