Enjoy the Full Benefits of MonaVie EMV Energy Drink!

New Mona Vie Energy Drink  If you haven’t heard about it or had the chance to try it yet, make sure you do!  As opposed to other energy drinks on the market which are stocked with caffeine and sugars, MonaVie EMV Energy Drink is a healthier and natural alternative to these brands.  There are no synthetic stimulants, but you still feel energized with no side effects.
MonaVie uses a blend of antioxidant rich fruits, including the popular Brazilian açai berries.  Made with 80% natural juice and no simplified sugars.  The natural sources have proven to increase endurance, alertness and performance, sustaining energy you need for training!  Plus it tastes delicious!
For more info, check out www.monavie-emv.com Jd