Free Muay Thai Sparring Workshop Tomorrow at Kombat Arts Mississauga

So tomorrow we will be hosting a FREE Sparring Workshop for Kombat Muay Thai students with a Green level and above.

What will you learn: We will make modifications to your stance, to improve your defense. Improve head movement and foot work. Work on some basic set ups. Faking and feinting. Composure drills. Basic ring work. And finally we will introduce the student to sparring. Whatever we do not cover, we will cover in a second workshop.

Even though this is sparring for Muay Thai, we will borrow training drills from boxing, Jeet Kune Do, savate and Combat Submission Wrestling (MMA).

What did you miss in our Muay Thai Crossfighting Workshop? Here is a brief overview:

Shadowboxing, with an emphasis on keeping a high tight guard
Stepping in on punches, especially on the cross. Making sure that you are not leaning forward on your punches
The different types of hooks, and how much should you pivot on the hook
The traditional JKD box pattern drill for footwork
Using the JKD box pattern drill to intercept the opponent with a jab or a teep as they step forward
The proper range for the teep
The right Thai kick, with or without an angle step
The inside left Thai kick, with or without an angle step
The complete breakdown of the left switch kick to the body

Here is a short teaser video of the Crossfighting Workshop from Oliver Yi of Big Head Productions. Thanks Oliver! We will do our best to upload the video of the complete crossfighting workshop for our students: CROSSFIGHTING VIDEO

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