Good Luck Muay Thai Athletes

Chok Dee to my athletes Lee Kim and Jacques Malilian, as they make their way to Muay Thai Niagara’s Thai boxing match this November 21.  Unfortunately I will not be there to work their corner.  However I know that they will make me and the school proud, regardless of the outcome.  Just being associated with these individuals fills me with a lot of pride.  I also want to extend good luck to the support team: all of the corner men, warm up team and any of the members of the school and the Kombat Fight Team that go to support them.

One individual may step into the ring, but it is the whole Kombat Family that builds them and supports them.  Again I am filled with pride to have this school as my family.

Sorry Julian and Rick for not getting you guys a match; trust me there will be an opportunity to perform.  Good luck my friends, make me proud! Jd