Great Muay Thai Clinch Workshop at Kombat Arts Mississauga

On Nov 16 2013, Kru Edward de Nobrega taught a very in-depth workshop on the fundamentals of the Muay Thai clinch in an hour and a half workshop, at the Kombat Arts Mississauga. This workshop was free for the Muay Thai instructors and the Intermediate and Advance students.

Some of the material covered were:

How to enter safely and effectively in the clinch
The Basic Tenets of the clinch
How to prevent the clinch from happening
How to safely and effectively escape the common Muay Thai plumm
How to safely enter into the bear hug clinch
How to escape the bear hug clinch
Various attacks and sweeps from each of the clinch position
Basic strategy in the clinch

Edward de Nobrega is a very knowledgeable Kru in the art of Muay Thai, and we very fortunate to have him at Kombat Arts to share his knowledge. We will probably have Kru Eddie back on a monthly basis, either in December or January 2014.

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