Happy Holidays from Kombat Arts and Kru Joey

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone, thanks for making this another great year at the Kombat Arts Training Academy. All the best to you and yours this holiday season. Take care of yourselves and the ones around you, enjoy your time off and we’ll see you again in 2012!

Here’s a note from Kru Joey:

Merry Christmas Kombat Arts!

This has got to be one of my favorite holidays. It is definitely a time when you can see the best of human character. I am lucky and proud that I get to see that every day at Kombat Arts.

Every day I witness the instructors and students helping each other improve their game…improve their life. We are a community, and through thick and thin, we always stick together.

I would like to take this time to thank my Kombat fam, for always being in my corner, for always being there when we have needed help. If I have missed someone, I truly do apologize. Thanks to:

David Edwards
Sean Fulgencio
Michelle Sturino
Sylwester Organka
Chelsea Orser
Lee Kim
Edgar Obregon
Roberto Herrera
Brian Naidu
Tan Nguyen
Grayson Etocobanez
June Kow
Colin Pinch
Julian Della Vedova
Jacques Malillin
James Ver
Jeremy Purdy
Jeffrey Hsiung
Scott Lewis
Daniel Tsatsos
Josh Zukerman
Chris Pesavento
Peter Constatine
Mike Rider
Tim Doom
Shyam Tanna
Dave Mair
Jef Catapang
Peter Lozano
Barry Lee
Martin Duncan
Tyler Morin
Rene Cocolo
Rafael Delgado
Kam Agarwal
Rohan Larmond
Jason De Los Reyes
Gaetan Boutin
David Beckles
Nuno de Salles
Caroline Zepf
Brandon Krieger
Andrea Nucci

These are the people that make Kombat the best club; a collection of individuals who genuinely care for the community and its members.

I would also like to say “thank you” to our amazing students. The instructor-student relationship is a symbiotic one; one can not exist without the other. I am fortunate that all of my students have affected me to some degree. I have learned from each of you.

Finally, if 2012 is supposed to be the end of something let it be the end of guilt, blame and bad habits. Let things go and set new goals, challenges and eagerly face any hardships.

Merry Christmas

Sifu, Kru and Plain Joey de Los Reyes

Image: M.S. CORLEY

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