Hip Hinge Workshop

Hip Hinge Workshop

Hip Hinge Workshop

We are happy to announce that we will once again be starting our FREE monthly workshops for our members. The first one will be on March 14, 1.00pm, and will be on the Hip Hinge, which will be conducted by Oskar Gut. Here is a short write up on what to expect in this workshop:

Do you like to deadlift?

The Hip Hinge movement is an essential movement pattern in a variety of common exercises. We will learn the movement and learn various cues you can remember during your own workouts. We’ll also look at how you can use the Hip Hinge for a variety of exercise.

What will you learn from attending this workshop?

Basic Mobility

Basic movements that you can use to prepare your joints for exercise.

Movement Prep

This is a small series of movements you will use to learn or re-learn the movement pattern and warm your body up.

Learn the Hip Hinge

If you like deadlifts, kettle bell swings or cleans, you will want to learn and apply this to your own practice.

Short Workout!

Let’s put what we learned into practice.

Cool Down

Decompress our bodies from the stress we put on it

Knowledge is priceless…but in this case its FREE, so come by and check it out. The workshop will be held

* 10 person maximum per session (first come, first serve)

* Extra sessions will be opened, if there is enough interest

*You can bring a non-member to this workshop; the cost is $10 for them

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