Housekeeping and Gym Etiquette

Housekeeping and Gym Etiquette

Sometimes a gentle reminder is required to reinforce certain points which should be obvious. This is one of those gentle reminders.  Just like each of our personal homes, our Kombat home requires a certain amount of upkeep.  When you have 100s of people coming in each day, certain things are expected and are inevitable. We must all do our part to ensure our facility stays clean, safe, and welcoming to all.

Gym Etiquette

Front Entrance

We ask that all Members and Visitors to our Gym remove their outdoor shoes for hygiene and respect reasons. Please use the shoe racks provided, or neatly organize your footwear.

Boxing Ring and Matted Areas

Please refrain from having food or drink in these areas.  Of course stay hydrated. But please place your empty bottles and coffee cups in the garbage cans.  Please keep these areas free of litter.

Thai Pads and Boxing Mitts are to be placed in the cubbies when not being used.

Weights Area

Please return your weight plates, battle ropes, dumb bells, kettlebells, and barbells back to their proper places. Think of it as an extra set. Dem Gainz.

Broken or Damaged Equipment

Please inform your Coach or a Kombat Staff member if there is any broken, damaged, or possibly malfunctioning equipment.

Bottom line, TLDR, if we all do our best to keep things tidy, we all benefit. Thanks in advance.


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