How to be a SUPERHERO

My friend Lee is involved with Charity Champs and he is asking for our help.  Please take 2 min to look at this video:


Than click here to get the full picture

So here is what Lee and Co is trying to do with the Charity Champs thing.  There is a contest with a $500,000 grant for the winning charity.  We have made it into the semi-finals.  The voting ends on Dec 16th.  People can support by taking one minute to enter there email to register and then they can cast a vote once day.
They can register at  Also, if they would like us to auto cast a vote on their behalf, everyday they can send us an email to [email protected] , I just made the email.  They could use the password “KOMBATARTS” when registering, to make it easy to auto cast their vote.
What are you waiting for?  Don’t you want to be a SuperHero?  Please take the time to check this stuff out and make a difference, thanks, Jd