Jits Magazine features Kombat Arts and Team Nova Uniao

Kombat Arts was crawling with BJJers on Jan. 15 as it hosted a Nova Uniao team training session. The day featured a great mix of everything from experienced black belts to eager novices rolling together, and Jits Magazine was there to cover the occasion.

Writer David Abbou spoke with our own Scott Lewis about what makes this training approach special:

“I have a lot of guys who train with each other regardless of whether they hold the same belt,” explains Lewis, who competed in the Arnold Grappling Championships and Pan American Games before starting his Nova Uniao school at Kombat Arts Training Academy. “My philosophy is that everyone should train together. If I have a purple belt, I want him to train with a white belt…that just makes the whole team better, and so far it’s worked out really well.”

Check out Jits Magazine for the full article.

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