Joseph Valtellini at Kombat Arts for KimuraWear Commercial

We were very lucky to have Joseph Valtellini at KOMBAT ARTS for KimuraWear commercial this past Sunday! Who is Joseph Valtellini? He is the current Welterweight Champion of Glory. Check this video out!

[sd_video id=”mPFgWV5yB_4″ type=”youtube”]

Joseph was a great guy to work with; very approachable, easy to talk with and overall a very good ambassador for Muay Thai, K1 and kickboxing! Credit to his instructors and this young man!

Kru Edgar Obregon and Kru Sylwester Organka were on hand to assist for the commercial, as pad holders and as a light sparring partner.

Thank you Jeff Lopes and Travus Milligan for setting this up and for this opportunity. KimuraWear has some great gear, and we carry quite a few items in our Kombat Store. Come by and check us out!

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