July Muay Thai testing results

These are the results from the recent round of Muay Thai tests held on July 16 and July 23. If you’re moving up to a new class, please make sure that you have the proper equipment needed to participate.

Congrats to everyone on your hard work!

Peter Mol
Deanna Mol
Parham Taher
Shan Niazi
Allan Nguyen
Justin Bettencourt
Ben Ciaro
Brandon Silva
Eric Costa
Botham Charles
Bajaj Prateek
Grant Domski
Mihir Dass
Christopher Ried
Brandon Ried
Justin Seenarine
Stefania Trombacco
Chi Chuan
Quyen Quan
Charlene Lizette Prieto

Mark Desa
Kunal Pun
Kevin Sue
Chris Hill
Ouweis Sassi
Jaymi Lesmond
Samantha Ralph
Mladen Boganovic
Shivam Bhojak

Grayson Etcobanez
Rasame Uy

*Apologies for any misspelled names

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