Just a Reminder About This Weekend…

krabi_1Hey guys, just a friendly reminder that because of the Krabi Krabong seminar with Arlan Sanford this weekend, all classes are cancelled, except for the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes.

The facility will still be open for your own training. However we ask that you please be respectful for the seminar participants and keep noise to a minimum.

If you are coming to the seminar, Arlan posted on Facebook some of the things that he will be teaching:

“To anyone who will be attending the seminar this weekend, we will be going through a lot of stuff. You’re welcome to film, but Rene and I will be filming everything. Have to see how Rene wants to work it out, but we will try to make the video available. Probably be a cost to cover time making a copy, but Rene and I will work that out. We will be working mostly double stick; the sword strike, thrusts, attacking patterns, footwork, basic 8, basic 7, 8 and 7 with variations, kicking correctly, 9 count, variations on the 9, including when and how to add the kicks, broken rhythm, and 5 count. If we have time, we’ll start 3 count, and we’ll spend enough time on standing 4 directions to make sure everyone has it. Should be fun!”

It should be FUN! Hope to see you guys there! And to keep up to date with more Kombat events, Like us on Facebook.

Kru Joey de Los Reyes

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