Kettle Bell Training: Why You Need To Try It

Kettle Bell Training: Why You Need To Try It

There is no doubt you have heard of the kettle bell, and possibly some of its benefits. Many people see it as just another way to lift weights, but there is much more to proper kettle bell training. Depending on your fitness goals, a kettle bell class or instructor may be a better workout for you than traditional weight lifting.



Full Body Exercise

Kettle bells take weight training to a whole new level by adding more movement and involving more muscle groups with each exercise, instead of isolating one muscle.


Functional Exercise

Kettle bells will not give you gains like traditional weight lifting, but kettle bell exercises will increase your power endurance, aka the ability for your muscles to perform at high intensity for a longer period of time, all the while improving mobility and stability throughout your body. These elements enhance your everyday life and any other athletic activity you participate in.


Burn More Calories

A study by the American Council on Exercise showed participants burning about 20 calories/minute, or 1,200/hour when training with kettle bells.


Lean Out

Kettle bells use more muscle groups per exercise, more reps and lower weight, giving you an intense workout that will get you lean. If you aren’t looking to bulk up, these exercises will get you strong, burn fat, and keep you lean more than traditional weights.


Spend Less Time Working Out

Whether you love working out or hate it, chances are, your schedule is busy, and if you could do it faster you would. Because kettle bells involve so many muscle groups with each exercise, it will cut down your gym time and get better results.

Kombat Arts Training Academy has several Certified Kettle Bell Coaches who are more than willing to assist you in incorporating Kettle bells in your training program. Please reach out to them or the front desk staff to learn more.


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