Kombat Arts | Tip of the Week | Increase Your Punching Power

There are many ways to increase your punching power, but one of the best ways is to increase your core strength. But what type of core exercise? There are quite a lot of different exercises out there. The best one that I use, especially when pressed for time, is this simple band exercise I learned from JC Santana.

I also added some tweaks to it, to make it more challenging. I learned these from my students.

Pick a band of medium or heavy strength. Attach one end to an anchor. In this case I used the pole of our boxing ring. Holding the other end, step away from the anchor. How far do you step away? How much tension should be on the band? Enough that your outside leg (the leg furthest from the anchor) feels “light’. Meaning that there is not much weight on that foot.

Now just follow my directions in the video. I usually do this for 30 reps, plus 20 reps of the variation. I do 3 sets per side.

Remember, you have to keep your core stiff. Do not let the bands pull you to the side.


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