Kombat Arts Welcome Guide

Kombat Arts Welcome Guide


Hey guys here is the new Kombat Welcome Guide:

It is finally completed!  Are you a member of KOMBAT ARTS?  Then check out the new Welcome Guide.  Great stuff, for the newbies and the veterans.

Here is what you will find:

How do you stay connected with us?
What programs do we offer?
What events should you be on the look out for?
What gear do you need for the classes?
How do you get private or semi private lessons?
Where do you park? No one wants to get towed, right?!
How to deal with payment issues
How to survive your 1st 30 days at the club
How to wrap your hands
How to hold pads
How to tie your Gi belt
And a lot more stuff….

Please download your pdf copy of our Kombat Welcome Guide.  And keep an eye out for modified issues in the future!








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