Kombat Coach of the Week: Dwight Dixon

Kombat Coach of the Week: Dwight Dixon


Hi Everyone! Here is the latest installment of our new feature on the Kombat Arts YouTube page. We will be featuring some of our great Coaches and Instructors to help you get to know them better and give you some insight into their past accomplishments and future goals.



This weeks Featured Instructor is Teen Muay Thai Coach Dwight Dixon. Coach Dixon has a long martial arts history! A lot of our members only see him teaching our kids and teens in our Muay Thai classes, but they also don’t know that he is a certified instructor in the lost Filipino martial art of Yawyan, which has weapons and is also a kickboxing art. Check out the video below and learn more about Coach Dwight!



[sd_video id=”hGi9L6Up8UM” type=”youtube” align=”center”]


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