Mississauga Kombat Muay Thai Athletes Excel at the Nationals!

nationals-group  There are a lot of congratulations and thanks in order.  I will try to make this brief.  Congrats to all of the coaches that either helped train the athletes or came out and helped with gear, warm ups and corner work.  A lot of people don’t realize how much support goes into an athlete and their training: Master Lee, Roberto Herrera, David Edwards, Marc Mendoza, Sly Organka (who fought on day 1 and coached on day 2) and Rafael Delgado.

I was really happy to have a lot of the Kombat members come out and support their school!  It was awesome. There was so much cheering and goodwill and it was much appreciated by the staff and athletes.  You definetly made me proud 🙂

Thanks to the staff who came in on Saturday to make sure that the club ran smoothly 😉

Thanks to all of the Sparring Partners and Konditioning Partners

And thanks to the staff from the CASK organization (Thanks to Brian Naidu for officiating at these events)

Ok here are the results:

Kevin Nabbie wins the Gold with a unanimous decision

Sylwester “Sly” Organka wins the National Low Kick Championship belt with a unanimous decision.  Sly really looked good after a 1 1/2 years from the ring

Nenad Cvejic loses against a really seasoned fighter who after the match can only speak highly of Nenad and was stunned that this was Nenad’s 1st low kick match

Headley “PeeWee” Hinds loses his match by majority decision.  Getting better PeeWee, a little at a time 🙂

Julian della Vedova wins the Thai Boxing National Championship belt via unanimous decision

Max Grech wins the Thai Boxing National Championship belt via TKO in the 3rd round with leg kicks

Joel Holland who earned his skills under Eddie De Nobrega and who represented Kombat Arts at this tournament won the Gold by a 3rd round TKO due to a right hand to the body

Kareem Hackett wins the Gold with a unanimous decision

Paolo Dultra had to settle for a demo match (everyone ask Kevin Nabbie why this happened) and Kyran Cameron had his match cancelled because they were mismatched.

Kevin Nabbie won Junior Athlete of the Year for Thai Boxing and Kombat Arts got the 2nd place for the Most Supportive Club for this event.

Wow what a busy weekend! Again thanks to everyone for making our Team a success.-Jd