Kombat Tip of the Week: Controlling the Heavy Bag

Kombat Tip of the Week: Controlling the Heavy Bag

For this KOMBAT ARTS Tip of the Week, we have Poo Choi Kru Samantha Ralph, our Teen Muay Thai coach giving us a few tips on how to control the heavy bag.

Tip of the Week

You want to try to limit thew swing of the bag, but sometimes you get excited and now you’re stuck with this swinging bag. Poo Choi Sam recommends using your Thai kick or Teep to slow down or better yet stop the heavy bag.

This is a really good ideas as it simulates you stopping an opponent that moves forward. It also teaches you a great fight concept; don’t just let your opponent walk in, put something out there to give him something to think about. Thanks Sam for the great tip.

[sd_video id=”wO8wH7zkd_A” type=”youtube” align=”center”]

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