Kru Joey, live from the motherland

As you all know, our fearless leader is currently on vacay visiting loved ones in the Philippines. Here’s a letter he wanted me to pass on to you all:

“So after basically one whole day of traveling, I find myself in Zamboanga city of the Philippines. It has been approximately 22 years since I was back in my mother’s homeland. It was really cool and rewarding to see my family, especially my cousins and my nieces and nephews. It’s funny hearing from them how big I have become. I laugh because I think we all eventually grow up, don’t we? Well maybe not me 🙂

The first days here is just getting used to the weather and time change. The first day I put in about 50 squats, then passed out from the time difference and traveling. Eating is not a problem as I always find I have a HUGE appetite, much to the amusement of the natives. Day two I’m waking up and upping the amount of squats and eating at regular scheduled times. I am glad that I followed the advice on how to beat jet lag. The mosquitos have not been bad, but because I am living on a farm in the jungle, the air is very thick, so my cardio is ever so slightly affected. In the afternoon I put in a second workout, skipping rope for rounds and doing some T-stab push ups. It feels real good to be training outside and building a good sweat.

On day 3 my cousin Karla and I found a gym. So I put in a decent amount of skipping rope, shadow-boxing, 3 sets of Gary Gray’s dumbbell workout, and core work. Basically my life here is spent eating, socializing, working out, keeping an eye on my mother and reading A LOT. I also got to spend some time with my cousins at the bowling lanes, and man it was fun. I have not bowled before so to me it was a novelty. Although I think my cousins were making up the rules as we were going along.

All in all guys I’m doing fine and relaxing as much as possible. The pace here is very slow, which takes getting used to. Anyway I have to end this post….I’m off to a lunch engagement. Take care guys!”

Kru Joey de Los Reyes