Kru Mehdi Preparing for His 3rd Muay Thai Championship Belt!

Hey guys,

wpmf_logo_v2 I will be gone this week to help my Kru, Mehdi Pouroskoui at his club in Vancouver prepare for his upcoming championship bout.  Mehdi is the #1 contender for the World Professional Muay Thai Federation champion belt, and will be fighting mid-December in Thailand.  I flew in on Friday night, and hanged with my good buddy Josip Juros.  We prepped ourselves on Saturday for the hard upcoming week of pad holding, crossfighting and sparring by playing Call of Duty 5 🙂


After a grueling day of XBOX, Josip and I finalized the day with the new James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace


Ok we finally got to some good training on Sunday.  I held pads for Mehdi and he was on the ball!  He easily went through 5 rounds, 3 minutes each with a 45 second break.  Than after Mehdi sparred 5 rounds, 4 minutes each with a 45 second break, with fresh partners!  His Muay Thai still looked really good after all of those rounds.

persian  We finalzied the training session with some Persian food; you know me, I like to eat!  That’s it for today, I will let you guys know what Monday is like-Jd