Latest BJJ Wins at Kombat Mississauga

Nova_Uniao_Logo Congrats to the following for doing so well at the latest BJJ tournament.  If I have missed anyone, please shoot me an email; also I need piks!  Please email me. Congrats to Scott Lewis for putting together a very good team, Jd

Men – Gi – Blue Belt – FEATHER (PENA) Academy

1-Shyam Tanna

Men – Gi – Blue Belt – SUPER HEAVY (SUPER PESADO) Academy

1-Nick Michalak

Men – Gi – Blue Belt – ABSOLUTE Academy

1-Nick Michalak

2-Shyam Tanna

Junior – Gi – White Belt – MIDDLE (MEDIO) Academy

2-Nick Allen

3-Kyran Cameron

Junior – Gi – White Belt – HEAVY (PESADO ) Academy

2-Michael Gouge

Men – NoGi – White Belt – FEATHER (PENA) Academy

3-Greg Deschenes

Junior – NoGi – White Belt – MIDDLE (MEDIO) Academy

1-Kyran Cameron