Lazy Link Dump: Attack of the Flying Triangle edition

Our Link Dump returns to a Sunday schedule this weekend. Did you enjoy your UFC week?

  • Gracie brothers Ryron and Rener dissect GSP vs. Jake Shields and Pablo Garza’s flying triangle from UFC 129. [GracieBreakdown]
  • It’s no wonder Randy Couture received such a deafening standing ovation after his retirement bout last Saturday. Leading up to the fight, Matt Bishop reminds us of The Magic of Randy Couture in a seven part series. What a career. [Bloody Elbow]
  • The Star’s resident MMA head Morgan Campbell links up with Canadian fight scene pioneer Gary “Big Daddy” Goodridge for a sober look at the cost of his high-impact career in K1 and MMA: brain trauma. [The Toronto Star]
  • The surprise star of UFC 129 was local boy Mark Hominick, whose display of heart and true grit earned him enough new fans to fill the Rogers Centre a dozen times over. The London Free Press catches up with their golden boy. [The London Free Press]
  • Thanks to Jay D for linking this CBC Marketplace investigation into the shady business world of Big Gyms. Preying on those who wish to get in shape, deal with body image issues or live an active lifestyle is despicable. [CBC Marketplace]
  • With UFC 129 over and done with, it’s on to the the next one for fight fans. Warm up for this weekend’s bout between Manny Pacquiao and Shane Mosley with episode three of Fight Camp 360. [ShoSports]

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