Lazy Link Dump: “This Is Where My Strength Is. This Is Where My Mana Is” edition

BJ Penn hits home in Hawaii to power up for his match against Nick Diaz at UFC 137. With his beautiful daughter and the beautiful landscape, it’s easy to see why Hilo holds the Prodigy’s heart.

More links from last week:

  • Hollywood director and playwright David Mamet gives his opinion, in true Mamet fashion, on MMA and politics regarding New York’s ban on the sport. [The New York Post]
  • Bas Rutten fights a zombie. And no, not the Korean one. [Chaos Creatures]
  • Magnesium: one of the most overlooked minerals essential to an athletic lifestyle. [T Nation]
  • The “Queen of Muay Thai” Julie Kitchen profiled on Trans World Sport. [JulieKitchenUK]

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