Lazy Sunday Link Dump: Bundy BJJ edition

  • MMA Mania continues their excellent “Ultimate Submissions” series, this time tackling the kimura and americana arm locks. Great stuff. (And who doesn’t love Sakuraba breakdowns?) [MMA Mania]
  • Resident Tapout nutritionist PR Cole writes about the importance of proper sleep for fighters, and lists some foods you should be eating and avoiding in order to healthfully induce and enjoy your slumber. [Bloody Elbow]
  • We linked some commonly-held exercise myths last week. Here are 10 more. [CNN]
  • Don’t be scared, homie.  It’s just the six most amazing acts of mid-fight mockery in MMA history. [Cracked]
  • It might be a statistical anomaly. It might just be common sense. Either way, Zach Arnold’s “9-Year Rule” theory — that fighters consistently lose their spark nine years into their careers — became one of the popular discussion points of the week. What do you think? [Fight Opinion]
  • After 20 years of weighing and studying the eating habits of over 100,000 men and women, what turned out to be the biggest culprit in weight gain? Potato chips. Can’t eat just one, huh? [The Huffington Post]

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