Lazy Sunday Link Dump: The Cyborg Apocalypse Begins at Mundials edition

Cris “Cyborg” Santos is amazing. Give this woman another fight already! Your links from the week ending June 5, 2011:

  • Want more Mundials footage? Hit this well-directed video reel (especially of you’re a Led Zeppelin fan) (which of course you are, right??) from Gracie Mag. [GracieMag]
  • Ah, summer. Season of fitness goals. Season of patios and finger foods. How does one reconcile these things? This post from Fuel the Fighter’s P.R. Cole has some good tips on how to overcome random cravings. [Bloody Elbow]
  • Summer blockbuster season always brings a new crop of celebrities and their “superhero” workouts. What’s the line between fact and fiction? The Avengers’ Scarlett Johansson strikes back at the tabloids and is refreshingly real about body image and the media. Very awesome read. [The Huffington Post]
  • Trust me, your Hero of the Week is Ernestine Sheperd, age 74 and ripped to shreds, the oldest female competitive bodybuilder. Still think your age is holding you back? [Washington Post]
  • Simplicity at its best. Here are 100 short and sweet fitness tips. Great list to refer to every once in awhile to shake-up and re-think your routines. [Men’s Health]
  • Try out this recipe for protein pancakes. Delicious and packed with power! [The Spartan Warrior]

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