Martial Arts Christmas Gifts


Need some great ideas for Christmas?  Here are a few suggestions.

If you want to get some extra time training at home, why not get the Century Free Standing Heavy Bag. This durable bag has a really solid base that you can fill with either sand or water.

  1. Kombat Arts Gift Certificates are a sure win.  You can use them to get your friend or family members 1 month, 3 month or any amount of time memberships.  You can also use them for seminars, private lessons or our proshop.
  2. Fairtex makes great gear, and without a doubt their gloves and Thai pads are one of the best.
  3. Need to keep track of time?  Whether you are hitting the bag or doing 1 of Linda’s crazy Tabata routines, Gym Boss is the best personal interval timer on the market.
  4. Operation Herbie jewellery was featured before on our blog.  Not only is the jewellery beautiful, but all proceeds from the sales go to some very important surgeries at the Hospital for Sick Kids.
  5. Just recently I got back from Mehdi’s school in BC and I came back with a lot of K1 style Thai shorts.  Great colors and a lot of room in the leg for knees and kicks.
  6. James Ver has really outdone himself with some new Kombat shirts.  These shirts will be produced by Shokkwear on the very comfortable bamboo fabric.
  7. Pound for Pound has worked with James and our sponsors to make this very beautiful rash guard.
  8. Need to spruce up your gi?  Why not a Kombat Nova Unaio or Scott Lewis BJJ patch?
  9. Here is another rash guard produced by Pound for Pound for the Kombat Arts.
  10. Send your loved ones on a women self defense course.  Linda de Los Reyes of RAVEN Self Defense holds the best most comprehensive course on this subject.  Certificates available at the front desk.
  11. Need to work your cardio? Why not invest in a heavy skipping rope? Great for footwork, timing, cardio and endurance in the calves and shoulders.
  12. Sprawl is the original design in grappling and MMA fight shorts.  These shorts are still a favourite with a lot of people.  If you are interested in these shorts, go here to  You can also get a 10% discount when you open an account and type in our school number 9058048158 as your member school.
  13. UST has a lot of great services for you.  If you know someone who deserves a massage or needs help overcoming an injury, grab them a gift certificate.

Hopefully these ideas will help you out, or at least generate some other great ideas! Jd