Minor Change with the KOMBAT SCHEDULE

Kombat Arts Web (25 of 29)Minor Change with the KOMBAT SCHEDULE

Like I stated in a previous post and our social media channels, we have a few minor changes with the KOMBAT SCHEDULE.

One of these changes is that we moved the Muay Thai clinch class from Tuesday evenings at 615pm to Saturdays at 1030am.

However with so many Muay Thai competitions coming up, we have found that we need more time to train our athletes.  So we will be starting the Muay Thai clinch earlier.  We will be starting the class at 1000am.

Also please keep in mind that this class is only for Intermediate Muay Thai students and the Fighters.

I know that this is a last minute post, so please try to share this with others and spread the word.  Thank you! Kru Joey