More Nutrition & Training Stuff

I’m exhausted after a long day of teaching martial arts at the Kombat Arts and especially after Linda (my wife and the 1 person that almost whooped me in today’s workout)  and I completed our workout.  A lot of my research has shown me one thing; if you want to get better at pull ups and push ups, you gotta do them almost every day.  I know common sense, but you really got to get your body used to the exercises, yet you don’t want to go to complete fatigue.  If you are too burnt out, you won’t be able to train the next day.  Dale Tome, another of our Kombat students sells these really cool pull up bars that you can install in your doorway, wthout any extra attachments.  Some of our clients have bought one and are probably doing pull ups every day!  Reach him here for more info: [email protected]

The 2nd important thing is that you have to monitor your nutrition.  I have always seen my students train their butt off in our academy, yet during the remaining 22 hrs away from the gym, there is a good chance that they may be ruining their progress by sabotaging their nutrition.  If you need some extra tips check out Tom Venuto’s Blog or the Kombat Challenge section if you have not been following along.  There are 7 weeks left in the challenge, don’t stop; keep grinding away at it, Jd