My Personal Weight Gain Goal

Ok, I’ve dropped way too much weight.  Currently I weigh 152 lbs.  Not good.  BlackJack my dog is having no problem man-handling me!

So I have decided to set a goal of 160 lbs, ideally lean muscle, for July.

To do this I got Nuno de Salles from Sweat Elite and Gaetan Boutin from Muscle Tech to give me a hand.  An extra 8 lbs may not seem much, but trust me, on a little guy, it’s pretty tough.  And remember, I am looking at lean muscle, and some functionality to it.

I have yet to decide on how to test my “functionality” for my goal.

Today my Hell/pleasure started.  Tonnes of shoulder stuff! I won’t be able to hold pads for a week! Nuno’s final instructions to me….was to eat, A LOT.  That will not be a problem.  In any case I am going to try to track my progress on my personal blog:

Wish me luck guys! Joey de Los Reyes