Why You Need A Self-Defense Class

Why You Need A Self-Defense Class

Martial arts classes and self-defense classes seem to have a lot in common – they both teach you how to hurt someone and how to prevent yourself from getting hurt. But they are actually more different than they are similar, and adding self-defense knowledge to your martial arts skills is important.

Martial arts were created for self-defense. They were the original self-defense classes, invented by the military, farmers, royalty, peasants, etc., to defend themselves against other armies or their own dictators.

These arts were useful in hand-to-hand combat during the times that they were developed. However, in a modern day setting, for example, you most likely are not going to use a flying sidekick or a jab-cross-hook to escape from your attacker, kidnapper, etc.


Self-defense classes focus solely on real-world application of techniques. They create modern day scenarios of abuse or other violence, to train their students’ minds on how to react. The classes put the student on the defensive; learning awareness, quick, effective skills, and counter-attacks and evasions. Anyone can learn self-defense techniques quickly; they are created for children, the elderly, any age or physical fitness level.

Martial arts classes focus on the perfection of technique, or competition. They are century-old curricula that must be followed and are lifelong journeys and learning paths. Martial arts techniques are still useful in everyday life, however the focus of a martial art is more than just real-world application. The arts encourage spiritual growth, mind-body awareness, discipline, physical stamina, and respect.

Both types of classes give students useful tools to defend themselves and subdue an attacker. Self-defense classes strip away the mind-body-spirit aspect of martial arts, as well as the rituals, rankings, discipline, and military-style training, to teach students effective defense techniques as quickly as possible.

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