Never Too Late to Start

Starting Martial Arts Later in Life

Martial arts is one of the most physically demanding activities that a person can participate in. As
such, it is often seen as a young man’s game. This, however, is largely a misconception, and
individuals of all ages are able to participate in, enjoy, and get a lot of value out of martial arts
training. If you are over the age of thirty (perhaps even well over the age of thirty) and are
considering taking a martial arts class, here’s what you need to know.

It’s Only as Demanding as You Make it

Unless you are competing, martial arts doesn’t inherently have to be physically demanding.
Many techniques can be learned without having to be practiced at full speed or full power. While
this as well as full-speed sparring is certainly valuable in order to fully learn the technique, it is
not a requirement. How hard and how fast you choose to train is up to your own discretion. No
respectable coach is going to ask you to do more than you are comfortable with, and while they
may try to get you to push your limits, the decision is ultimately yours.

Competition isn’t a Requirement

Some individuals may shy away from martial arts for fear of having to compete with athletes
much younger than they are. However, if you fall into this group, know that competition is not a
requirement. Many individuals for one reason or another will train their entire life without ever
competing.These men and women value the training, fitness, and comradery that martial arts
provides and choose to enjoy it without the pressures of competition. If competition is something
that you are drawn to though, note that some of the best fighters in the world have continued to
compete at a high level well into their 40s and 50s. No matter your age, there is always going to
be someone who is faster, stronger, and has better stamina. Overcoming these odds is what makes
a champion. If competition is something you would like to try, you should certainly not let the fear
of going up against younger fighters stop you.

Martial Arts is Beneficial no Matter Your Age

The consequences of a sedentary lifestyle are troubling, and countless research has shown the
immense health benefits of maintaining an active lifestyle for individuals of all ages. While you
have a lot of freedom as to how you will maintain an active lifestyle, martial arts is certainly an
excellent choice.
Training in martial arts provides excellent cardio and strength training, helping people of all ages
get in great shape and stay that way. Best of all, it does it in a fun and challenging manner that
many people will find far more enjoyable than running on a treadmill or lifting heavy weights in
the air.
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