New Competition Boxing Class

new competitve boxing class

We are looking to try a new competition boxing class at Kombat Arts Mississauga.

Unfortunately, because we have a very busy, tight schedule at Kombat, we will be sharing the ring with the Muay Thai Fighters’ class. We have two boxing classes per week, and we would like to make efforts to expand out competitive classes. You can see our Kombat Schedule for boxing and other martial arts classes.

This class will be taught by one of our boxing coaches, Socrates Celestial. It will be a trial class; this means we will see if there is an interest in this class, and if there is, we will keep it on the schedule.

This class is open for intermediate and advance boxing students. You should have the following gear:

14/16 oz boxing gloves (smaller person, 14, bigger person, 16)


Boxing Headgear

Groin protection

In this boxing class you will learn how to use your techniques for competition, tactics, specific competition conditioning and ring management.

There will be controlled sparring in this class; especially as there will be some new people in this class. Sparring will be controlled, and progressive. We look at sparring as a learning tool; not as a fight or an opportunity to smash someone.

Check out last week’s Kombat Arts Tip of the Week with Kru David Edwards, one of our Muay Thai coaches and Mini Dragon’s coach on Sparring.

[sd_video id=”OjAn-76X3yw” type=”youtube”]

If you are interested in this competitive boxing class please speak with the coaches; specifically the boxing coaches, Sean Fulgencio and Socrates Celestial.

If you are really interested in competitive boxing, then this is the class for you; especially if you are a beginner. This is our first step to offering more programs for those interested in competing. We are also looking to developing an athlete’s training protocol and testing standards for all of our athletes. Exciting stuff for our Kombat Athletes!

Remember, if you like this boxing class, and want to see it on the schedule on a regular basis, then please come to it!

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