Can’t Lose the Weight? You May Need a New Food Schedule

Can’t Lose the Weight? You May Need a New Food Schedule


Let’s say you’re counting calories, staying away from the bad stuff, and exercising a few times a week, and nothing is happening. Here is another piece of the diet puzzle you can add to help: an eating schedule to match your routine.



Try keeping certain foods to certain hours of the day, depending on how your day is. Here is a basic example of a schedule:

  • 7:30am – Go to work (office job – sitting at a desk)
  • Noon/1:00pm – Usual Lunchtime
  • 1:00-5:00pm – Work (sitting at a desk)
  • 6:00/7:00 – Gym
  • 11:00 – Bedtime

You should try to start your day with protein, this will keep you full longer and it helps with your metabolism. If you workout in the morning or have a very active job in the A.M., adding some carbs to it is a good idea: oatmeal, whole wheat toast, etc.

With most peoples’ schedules, that work 9-5 in an office, they don’t need many carbs (energy) throughout the day, because they sit at a desk. So their meals should consist of vegetables, lean protein like chicken, and maybe some sugar like fruit or a power bar around the afternoon to beat that 2:30 feeling, etc.

After work, however, is when the majority of people hit the gym. Then, you need carbs. Go for brown rice, a bagel, whole wheat bread or pasta, or save the power bar for that time. Sugar is necessary, have lots of fruit or a cup of orange juice, you don’t want to fall asleep during your workout!

Depending on the intensity of your workout, you will need to eat afterward. When your muscles have been working really hard, especially doing something like intense kickboxing or weight lifting, they need to be repaired. Eating protein after a workout is important to help the muscles heal.

Planning your meals according to when you will need the most energy will help your body get used to using the calories for energy instead of storing them as fat. Every body and every schedule is different, so don’t get discouraged if the diet you are on isn’t working – it’s a learning process.

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