New Kombat Arts Schedule

Hey guys starting Oct 25 we have a new Kombat Arts schedule.

The main difference is that we have added another Filipino Martial Arts class on Saturday at 11am and the addition of a beginner’s Krabi Krabong class on Monday’s at 7pm. Krabi Krabong is the traditional weapons art from Thailand.

We have also moved David Beckle’s TRX class from Wednesday to Friday at 1, and he has also changed the format of the class. We have also cancelled Gaetan Boutin’s functional strength class for fighters on Thur at 1, having decided to have him work more with the development of our athletes.

You can download the new schedule here: New Kombat Arts Schedule.

It will take us some time to make the changes to the online schedule, so please be patient. If there are any errors, please let me know,

Kru Joey de Los Reyes